How To Market With Articles Made Easy

Article marketing is one of the fastest and most straightforward ways to get traffic to what you’re selling or your website – and it won’t cost you anything. This guide will show the process involved.

To begin with, based on the product or products you sell, identify the niche you’ll be writing about, then write at least 400 words per article. If you want some ideas, search the web for similar articles. Get inspiration from them, don’t copy them! Observe the structure and content of articles that you consider to be impressive. People mainly search online for information. They don’t usually want to be marketed aggresively to. You can still promote, but make it subtle.

Include the link that you want to promote, which could be for eBay, Amazon products, your blog or something else that you want to promote in relation to your article.

Article spinning gives your article software the instructions to make some different versions of the same article. Search engines want internet users to have a varied and informative user experience. What they don’t want is a lot of your articles all with the same words on the first few pages of a user search – even if you do. By spinning articles you stay complying with Google whilst getting plenty of different versions of the same article high in the search engines.

Here’s how to spin a sentence in an article. The normal sentence is:

Article creation is a great way of advertising the items that you offer on the internet – and it doesn’t cost anything!

In order to spin the sentence, put the word and phrase variations within these characters {}, these are called open braces. Every phrase or word should be separated by a |, or pipe. Here’s the sentence post spin:

Article creation is one of the best ways of advertising the items that you sell on the web – and it’s free!

Now do that with every sentence in your article. It becomes easier once you’re used to it. The spinner will take one word or phrase from between the open braces and use it to spin your article.

There are sites on the web that charge for a membership for the services I have described, or similar paid software can cost $50 or more. The submitter and spinner that I use is 100% free. It is completely reliable and simple to use.

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