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Your business name is usually the first thing a start up thinks about. How will I brand my business? The second thing is usually where should I locate my business to get the most traffic. Remember the age old adage, Location, Location, Location. These are the three most important factors that will determine business success.

On the Internet location becomes ten times more important than anything else. Where your website is found in the major search engine listings is what location refers to on the Internet. What has a name have anything to do with that you ask? Ahhhhh.

Your domain name has become one of the most important aspects in online business success. How and where people find you becomes a critical factor. The trend today is leaning toward long tail generic domain names. I know many people will not agree with me, but just check any search term on the Internet. If you have the exact domain name as the search term and your website is well optimized with good content, chances are you will be found on the first page of the search engines. The reasoning is that your domain name quickly identifies what your website is about. In addition the search term is usually something that would be easily remembered.

Allied Internet Solutions,Inc. creator Scott Alliy has the right idea. His company has acquired many memorable domain names for future investment. These include, USAHomeDirectory.com, WeFinanceHomes.com, FindaHybrid.com, AutoLoanByWeb.com, and USASalesJobs.com.

As one can see they all have a similar flavor and could be built into successful online businesses. They all consist of three words that describe something that we all can relate to. We tend to agree with the gentleman’s premise. That is, we believe that there are still millions of domain names still to be acquired that have value. Who says that all the good domain names have already been taken?

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