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In this Article of OK to Make Money Online, we will look at two popular ways of setting up a blog.

The first is Google’s Blogger and can be found at blogger.com. It is free and is easy to set up. The second is WordPress and can be found at wordpress.org. WordPress is free but blogs created with it must reside under a domain name, website or hosting site. But before you run off and set up a new blog, you need to answer the following questions:

Have you decided on a special niche yet? Hopefully you did this on the last article.

What are the keywords for your niche?

Keywords are very important, so you need to test them first. Take one of your keywords, e.g. “Making Money Online” and run it through Google.

My example returned 184,000,000 hits. This is a well-developed (maybe even over-developed?) market segment and will require a lot of work to move you up the search engine results page (SERP),

Let’s change the search and see if “OK to make money online” fared any better. This returned only 33,200,000 hits. This is a much smaller market segment, but still quite large. One that is in the 1 million or less range with lots of paid ads on top and down the side would be a great market.

The point is to pick your market, then your niche and then use Google to find your best set of keywords. Why is this so important? The easy answer is that you want to become the top search result in your targeted market.

Now that you have your keywords, you need to pick a blog name or a domain name. This will depend on whether you are using Blogger or WordPress.

Remember, you need to use one of your keywords in your Blog, URL or Domain name. This will help raise you higher in the SERPs. Not only should you use your keywords in your URL but in you blog title and the first couple lines of your articles.

To set up Blogger check out: http://oktomakemoneyonline.blogspot.com/2009/04/setting-up-make-money-online-blog-in.html

To set up WordPress check out: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Things_to_Know_Before_You_Begin

Now, let’s write your article. Remember you want to use your keywords in your article title or the title of your blog. When writing the article you should also include your keywords in the first few lines of you first paragraph.

Warning: don’t over-use the keywords! The current formula is only 5 uses per one hundred words. Google will downgrade you if you use it too many times.

In your body it is best to reference an external source to validate your subject. Only one or two external links are necessary.

Give your readers some reason to come back. If you give them a short general article they will breeze through it, but will they return?

It seems that Google thinks the same way. If an article is short and gives little relevant information, it should not be static, or its page rating will decline, fall off page one and never return. If the article has meat and good information, even though it is static it will most likely stay on page one. Why? Goggle sees the article as targeted and informative and gives it a higher page ranking.

Just like in the acting profession, you want to give a good performance but hold back just a little. You want to give them a reason to come back.

Next time, we will cover how to apply Search Engine Optimization to your article on It’s OK to Make Money Online.

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