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Life is a constant struggle, or so they say. A struggle to survive in this rapidly changing world where everything seems to be weighed up on wealth and economic power. This is the vision that our leaders have forced upon us, arguing competition will make us all more productive. However, new voices across the globe are starting to share a new vision that not only allows progress and profit to occur, but also enables societies to preserve their values, resources and traditions. This is what I see reflected in this picture, where the green leaves are starting to rise above the monotonous expanse of concrete. Therefore what truly is important for us, the new generations, is to bare in mind that there is a different way of doing things, one that can lead us to a better world where authentic happiness is the furthermost goal in life. I believe I can myself be one of those weeds that show everyone that the future can and hopefully will bring us all a better life. And despite the many ways I could exert my abilities, I have decided that the field in which my impact on the world can be the deepest is business. I desire to make the most out of what I will learn during the course of my entire life to improve the way deals are made, in order to distribute wealth amongst all levels of society. What is even more vital, I want that wealth to be spend purposefully and intelligently, so that its benefits can be felt on the long run. The only way I can fulfill my dream is learning from whoever has something to say about this topic, just like those weeds nourish from the droplets of water that reach them. After all, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, knowledge is always welcome. With hope and faith I dare to think our world can develop into an equal, more human place, and I will be there to help this happen. It’s clear to me that new green should overpower the dull grey.

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