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i just have to brag about miss junie june for a minute… a good friend of our family, an older lady who is also the mayor of our town and very much an animal lover, had a surgery a month ago and has been in the hospital ever since with some unexpected complications. she has two beloved pets, a cat and an unruly, spoiled 120 pound dog. they have been in the boarding kennel this whole time… the hospital she is in allows the patients pets to be brought in for visitation… well, seeing as how her own dog is completely out of control and enormous, we have been talking about bringing alice in for a visit and just saying that she is my friend’s dog. somehow, she got the idea that we were bringing alice in on saturday (yesterday) and she had her heart set on it. with alice’s current health issues, it wouldn’t be safe to take her around sick people… so june got pressed into service!

i knew she would be good, but i had no idea just how awesome she would be. this little ten month old puppy amazed me, my sick friend, the hospital staff, the other patient in the room, and that other patient’s entire family… she walked in and acted as if she had been visiting human hospitals all her life. she did all of her tricks for the nurses and some patients, and for my friend as well. and after she was done with her tricks and we boring hoomans were talking she just laid down on the hard floor and took a relaxed nap. we were there about an hour and a half, and she never once acted uncomfortable or nervous, or bored.

the best part was when we first went in the room, mrs. cline wanted to see june right away, so i took her over to the bedside. she put her front paws up on the bed so she could be petted, but she didn’t squirm around or try to get up on the bed or do anything that could have hurt the patient. she just stood there and enjoyed her petting and gave mrs. cline the most serious june face ever. this went on for about a minute, the two of them just staring into each other’s eyes, trying to figure it all out. mrs. cline was thrilled with her visitor. i’m sure it helped to ease the pain of being separated from her own critters.

she is such a special girl, that junie june. and to think i came so close to not keeping her…

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