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Starting every journey to a new destination you must have a route to follow. This could be a few scribbled notes, a detailed map, GPS  navigation systems or hope the route is well marked by road signs. Your journey might include various forms of transport, air, sea and road. At each crossroad, airport or port you have several choices too make. Which way should I go next? One tiny little error at the start of the journey could send you in completely the wrong direction. Imagine a route you know well, if you turned right instead of left were would you finish up? Then try to correct it by turning left a few hundred yards later, you are now completely on the wrong route. The online world is just the same.

There are hundreds of people doing the exact same things that the big earners are doing but they make no money, why? Because they got off the freeway to soon. One junction later and they could have seen the same rewards. How many times have you heard that success leaves clues, actually it is true but unfortunately it does not leave big signs that say “This Way”. The technology to find our way from A to B as changed beyond recognition in the last 5 years and will again in the next 5 years.On the internet the same things are happening only three or four times faster.

So what does this mean for us poor mortals who are struggling technofobes? Well either get on the lifeboat or swim to shore, or you will drown in the new information. Huge new social media sites are developing and growing at an alarming rate thousands of new users signing up every single day. But each one is different from the others. Nobody is in the driving seat, but everybody is trying to get on the bus. Every time the driver stops to check his directions, lots more people get on board, of course some get off. They came to an area they recognized or a place they wanted to visit, they will probably stay for a while and take in the surroundings, if they have any sense they will then get back on the bus. By now the driver is getting lots of advice from the passengers, he is the one who as to decide which one to listen to,will he take the right turn?

Can you see how the ideas for making money online can have a similar result. An experienced driver will go directly to your destination safely and with very few stops on the way, but will point out the places of interest when he passes them, you can then decide if you want to get off, if you like the sound of that particular one. But if like most people new to the online business you get off at every stop because this does sound like the best thing this week, your journey will never be finished, you will be on the internet merry-go-round perhaps for ever!

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