IIPM B School – Workshop On Bike Modification: business


The Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Mumbai in its attempt to give the students an insight into various industries has been organizing range of events so that they have that little extra in their armory when they step into the corporate world.
Automobile Customization or Modification is one of the fastest growing industries. Speedzzz 2006 was an effort made by the students to organize a workshop on bike modification on 13th October, 2006. IIPM has always believed in creating entrepreneurs and to highlight the passion and effort that is required to make a successful entrepreneur, the students were exposed to the young team of “The Bike Factory Mr. Samrat Kapoor & Mr. Prem Kumar. The renowned panelist spoke on various aspects of Bike Modification. They gave the students an insight into a cost effective ways of bike modification and shared their experiences and the strategies employed while setting up the company. The duo then explained the technical as well as the practical aspects of bike modification. The highlight of the event was the display of the modified bikes in the IIPM, Mumbai campus. As the duo drove the bikes into the campus the students and staff could not get their eyes off them. The audience also had the opportunity to take a test ride on the bikes. Overall it was a wonderful session that motivated students to continue pursuing their dreams with passion.

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