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Ericsson is one of the world’s leading telecom equipment and mobile handset manufacturers. When Sony came on board with Ericsson to form Sony-Ericsson, the global business phone space underwent a major disruption. Ericsson business phones got a new lease of life by partnering with Sony.

Sony-Ericsson phones are well-known for their amazing camera and music quality. The P-series, Walkman and the Cybershot series of phones have attained cult status, and have brought huge revenues and fame for this company, helping it become one of the toughest competitors in the mobile phone industry.

Ericsson’s business phones have immense buyer utility; they are available at extremely cost-effective prices and come with features that easily beat all other mobile phones in the same segment. Sony-Ericsson has been the pioneer of various new technologies. It came out with the P800, a powerhouse of a Smartphone, in an age where business phones were almost non existent. Boasting both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard, the P800 was a phone far ahead of its time.

After the success of the P800, Ericsson launched a range of Smartphones in the ‘P’ series, all of which were readily accepted by users. After the P-series had established Sony-Ericsson’s presence in the market, the company further consolidated it with Sony’s proprietary Walkman and Cybershot series of phones.

It was the turn of the Cybershot phones next. The Cybershot phones came out with features that were meant to enhance the photo capturing experience of the users. These phones focused on superior imaging technology more than anything else, as a result of which Sony Ericsson came out with cameras powered with Carl Zeiss lenses. The world’s first 5.0 mega pixel camera was also launched by this company.

Ericsson phones are complete business utility phones. You can stay connected 24×7 with your associates and take full advantage of a mobility enabled work environment. Modern Ericsson phones are also enabled with social media and advanced GPS widgets that help you stay connected with your friends and know where you are. For more information on Ericsson phones, please visit


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