The Easy Way to Succeed in Writing Short Articles

Writing articles can be a hard job. At first your mind can go blank and you can write nothing. You might have an idea about an article in your mind and before you have a full paragraph written you begin to worry about your ability to finish. You may have an article idea, write it down and then realize that you have many things to say but only have half the required words written.

This is what was happening to me as I wrote. It was only after I came up with a plan that the articles began to come naturally. For instance, I wanted to write articles of approximately four hundred words. I first made up a template since I was going to submit the articles to various online publishers. The publishers allow writers room for a resource box at the end of the article so links to your website may be featured as well as your bio. So the first thing on my template is the resource block.

Next is the title, then keywords, description and finally text. Then you save the template in a file of its own. When you want to start a new article you simply open the template file, copy and paste to a new document and you are ready.

You want your title to contain the best keyword phrase first, and then the how to or whatever follows. Place the keywords next. Now you come to the description or as I call it the hook. This is where I say something and then tease the reader to read the whole article. I do not want to give the article away at this point.

Now the text. In the first paragraph or two, I want to outline a problem we may all have or a general discussion relating to the subject. I will write about one hundred words on this introduction. I try to relate my own experiences as well as those of others in order to be sure the reader and I are talking about the same situation.

The main body of perhaps two hundred words or more will outline my system of how I would fix the problem. This is where I give the solutions to the problem I outlined earlier. As I am writing this particular article, I am explaining to you how by doing the different things I do when writing an article, you may find it helpful. This is where you are telling your secrets. This is the reward to your reader for having read the article.

The wrap up tells the benefit’s the reader may derive by trying your solutions or your methods you have adopted for your project. By breaking the article into pieces you will find that writing articles will begin to flow from your mind easily. This system may work for you as well. Good luck.

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