The MHR launched a project name Get Health Articles: human health articles

Due to modern needs of medication, the MHR has launched a new project named Get Health Articles. the project will provide information to people regarding health and fitness care at no cost.

Stanford, California, USA, May 25, 2013 – (PressReleasePoint) – Health and fitness is the most important factor in the medical field as well as in human life. The MHR Corporation is one of the companies which has introduced project regarding  Human health and fitness, the new project by MHR Corporation  is GHA ( whose mission is to spread knowledge related to modern healthcare issues.

“We are proud to launch our GHA project in May 2013. GHA will be the most specific web regarding health information.”

Upper statement is the quote of the Co-director of MHR Corporation Mr. Hardyn Rich, he said while addressing the conference meeting held on Thistle hotel in the UK dated 30th of April. The project aim is to spread knowledge about different diseases whether they  are new or common diseases, their causes , treatment and preventive measures. The GHA is also beneficial  for medical related individuals.
Mr. Malwin Fernald , the CEO of GHA(Get Health Articles) further  addressed to the audience that the purpose of launching GHA (  is to increase the knowledge of various diseases in the world which will be done by providing health articles because there is a lack of medical knowledge in common people . This is true that there are some centers out in their regions whose mission is the same i.e. to aware people about sophisticated diseases and they succeed to some extent rather than fully, because of people’s hesitation and skepticism.

“The requirement of medication is increased as compare to our fore-father era while the new approaches and technology introduced on daily basis.”   

He said about the old and stereotypical statements from our elders  that, as the world is now changing,  technology is growing so fast day by day, the need of proper medication is necessary.  And all these qualities will be provided by GHA website in such a way that every information will be provided separately so everyone can understand what they  want to know about their disease. Usually, people are not familiar with even a common medical terms, so the website has all medical terminologies with their  explanation for ease in understand.  MHR knows the significance of modern information about medical and healthcare that’s why there are more plans regarding these problem in future.

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