Wolf Online

Wolf Online

Wolf Online

  • 1. The best real hunting game with three wolf species.
  • Harmonious Mountain Wolf, coldhearted and fast Snow Wolf, and scary and cruel Wild Wolf. You can choose one from a total of 12 wolves, consisting of 4 kinds for each of the 3 species.
  • 2. Various battle mode system
  • Single-play hunt, fighting other wolf species (PVP), a cooperative raid fight with wolf players from all over the world to defeat the dragon, etc.
  • 3. The best wolf is always with his pack.
  • You can enjoy hunting animals and share food with other wolves of your species.
  • 4. Summon your wolf friends immediately when you are tired.
  • When you get too tired while hunting or fall in a danger, you can immediately call your wolf friends around you through the network summon function.
  • 5. Character growth system through hunting
  • Attack, defense, moving speed, stamina, and skill development system according to animal hunting and by winning honor/credit.
  • 6. Various animals for hunting and monsters from myths
  • Herbivores such as rabbits, deer, giraffes; predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and bears; Monsters and creatures from myths such as Cerberus, vampire, chimera, and dragon.
  • 7. A total of 6 different combat/hunting maps offered
  • 6 different, highly realistic combat/hunting maps with varying geographical features and backgrounds: Snowstorm, Arcane River, Wildland, Combat Field, Dragon Lava, Stone Mountain
  • 8. Other functions
  • Energy supplement system through the self and dead bodies
  • Real-time multi-chatting function with other players online

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