Live Well. Be Happy.

Live Well. Be Happy.

Live Well. Be Happy.

This book is about life and the search for happiness. It’s a book about how you can bring happiness into your life, and how you can change your life for the better. Everyone wants to live well and be happy, and the surest way you can fulfill that desire is to change how you think and react to the world around you. Change the way you think and you will change your life. Change the way you view the future, and you will become the architect of your destiny. This book reveals easy steps you can ta

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The Balanced Teacher Path: How to Teach, Live, and Be Happy

The Balanced Teacher Path: How to Teach, Live, and Be Happy


It wasn’t long after being named North Carolina History Teacher of the year that Justin Ashley started noticing signs of burnout. He knew he needed to make some radical changes in how he handled his work and personal life. In The Balanced Teacher Path, Justin shares his personal story—illuminating how easy it is to give your job everything you’ve got and leave yourself with nothing outside of school—and shows new teachers and veterans alike the self-care techniques they can employ to cre

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