What the tech industry can learn from online game companies News]

What the tech industry can learn from online game companies
Make it easy for players to spend: This may seem like an obvious one — but you'd be surprised by how often the usability of an app obstructs users from making the decision to spend money. Games companies make spending as easy as possible by having a …
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Picking the right growth path for your already successful online venture
A: We'll get into the growth question in a moment, but first, what are your goals? If your goal is to make more money, I would first confirm that your business model is profitable today. In other words, do you make enough money on your product sales to …
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Craig Steven Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Is he?
The bitcoin project has been riven for months by what some call a “civil war” between two competing camps of developers and bitcoin companies (although the rhetoric has recently become less strident). One side …. Mr Wright does not want to make …
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Millionaire mums show midlife is the most exciting time to start your own business
After all, what did a 50-something woman know about algorithms and online marketplaces? I was competing against people half my … As the women on these pages prove, launching a company later in life, when you've already acquired skills, made contacts …
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