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The bizarre story of Andrew Groen's book tour in Eve Online
While this made it very easy to pirate the material he was trying to sell, he wasn't that concerned. "If the worst case scenario is that more people read my book, that's not exactly a nightmare scenario," he said. "So I'll ask … "Obviously I care …
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Spring cleaning your budget
For those who don't have a budget, make one now! You can find free budget tools online to help you get started like Mint or Budget Plus. Dust Away Debt … Spring is the perfect time to cash in on this clutter and clear out your house at the same time …
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New eBay scam: No product, no refund, too bad
"They finally told me and eBay that they had refunded my money and told me to check my PayPal account, which I checked," he said. "But there … The easiest thing is to see where that item is coming from. … (It's fairly easy to get shills to give …
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Live auctions in Asheville? Anyone can buy at Brunk
Perhaps more than the thrill of the buy, what makes Brunk Auctions interesting is Lauren and Andrew's interest in and the deep knowledge of the pieces they're selling. They're particularly captivated by … Attendees don't always make his job easy …
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