How to get Boat Race fit

How to get Boat Race fit
Our bodies aren't just designed for two-direction movement, nor is this optimal for promoting a healthy back or peak performance. Instead, we should be taking a more three dimensional approach to any sort of training, especially when warming up for an …

How to fix your workout, according to Steve Weatherford
Next, onto healthy fats. For years we've been told by “experts” that fats are bad. It's just not true. Sure, bad fats (Saturated and trans) won't help you reach your fitness goals, but healthy fats are the key to staying lean. So what are some examples …
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BioMetrix takes a different approach to nutrition and exercise
“The fitness center houses body mass index and bone density scanners, enhanced counter pulsating machines to increase blood flow, platelet-rich plasma injections for healthier skin, all of which are overseen by the American Medical Association …
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