Exercise, Fitness, and Health (The American Medical Association Home Medical Library)

Exercise, Fitness, and Health (The American Medical Association Home Medical Library)

Exercise, Fitness, and Health (The American Medical Association Home Medical Library)

  • First Edition 1991. Published by The American Medical Association.

Magazine Size Hardcover with 144 pages. Photographs and Illustrations throughout.

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oFitness Ankle and Wrist Weights, 6 Pound Set

oFitness Ankle and Wrist Weights, 6 Pound Set

  • The oFitness Ankle Weight Set is designed with the highest possible quality in mind. We have put in painstaking research and vigorous testing to ensure that our design is superior to any other brand on the market today. We like to think that our Ankle Weights are the greatest resistance training tool ever designed.
  • Perfect for core muscle conditioning, strength training, toning, stretching, mobility, and posture. These non-abrasive comfort fit ankle weights provide faster, more targeted toning, improving muscle strength throughout the entire body. They enhance balance training or stabilization exercises. Great for adding resistance to knee and leg raises during ab workouts. Excellent for adding resistance on the treadmill, while walking your dog, power walking, jogging, running, kickboxing drills, etc.
  • 6 Pound Ankle Weight Set includes two 3 Pound cuffs. They feature an absolutely beautiful modern design. Made with comfort and durability in mind… these will last you for years! Adjustable Velcro bands easily snap into place and hug the ankle/wrist to give you that just right comfortable fit. Made with sleek neoprene exterior with reflective trim and soft non-abrasive terrycloth interior to absorb moisture.
  • Highly recommended tool for rehabilitation purposes. In case of an ankle or wrist sprain just throw these on to build muscle faster and strengthen those problem areas. Just taking a walk to the bank, or cleaning your house, or commuting to work, throw these on to workout while you go about your day. This is the ultimate passive workout! Super comfortable, you’ll forget you even have them on… but your muscles will be grateful forever.
  • 90 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee with absolutely no questions asked. It you have any questions at all we are here for you 24/7. Just send us a message and one of our representatives will respond to you right away. If you were in the market for Ankle/Wrist Weights then you have found what you are looking for. Try them today!

Ankle/Wrist Weights From oFitness 90 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Please Read: If you run into any problem while using our Ankle weights, such as them ripping, leaking, or the material tearing please contact us directly right away. We strive to provide the highest quality products but something can go wrong once in a while. If you run into any sort of problem just contact us and we will send another brand new pair out to you or give you a full refund right away. We are 100% h

List Price: $ 29.17

Price: $ 29.17

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