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Recently, as I scavenged my fridge for a healthy bite, I spotted some deli meat. Not just any deli meat — hormone-, antibiotic-, nitrate-, gluten-free chicken breast. Munching on my holier-than-thou snack, I noticed a note on the package: "Our …

#360fit: Healthy Meal Delivery Plans in Dubai – Are They Worth It?
In Dubai, meal delivery businesses thrive. In London, if I told someone I spent the best part of Dh3,500-5,500 (UK pounds 600-900) on having someone cater for me for the month, they'd think I must be either crazy, stupid or filthy rich. In Dubai, not …
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Fitt Loft raises new health opportunities
Students also learn about metabolism and weight management, energy balance (calories in-calories out), healthy body fat levels and obesity, fitness myths and media brainwashing, nutrition and healthy eating habits, macronutrients, and eating disorders.
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