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Obese? You may become more forgetful
But if the results are generalised to memory in everyday life, then it could be that overweight people are less able to vividly relive details of past events — such as their past meals, the researchers explained in the study published in The Quarterly …
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Never eat wrong breakfast. Like these….
He could also reduce the protein powder and increase the egg whites, add a serving of soya milk along with mixed soaked nuts after the workout to get a dose of natural protein, anti-oxidants and fibre. Shailendra Sing, corporate. My breakfasts are …
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Fitness Plan Day 59: Pamper yourself and sleep to revive your senses
Here is how you can keep eating healthy throughout the day: Breakfast – How about starting your day with something healthy that teases your sweet tooth too? And this is the reward breakfast you deserve for being so disciplined and focussed with your …
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