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Here's Why More Exercise Won't Help You Lose More Weight
Pontzer stressed that exercise has many benefits for a person's health in general. “There's nothing in this study that suggests exercise is anything but good for you,” he said. But if your goal is weight loss, exercise alone is unlikely to cut it. And …

World's heaviest person walks for first time after weight loss
Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri, of Saudi Arabia, has lost 700 pounds— about half of his weight— since being on an intensive hospital fitness routine, Central European News (CEN) reported. In a new video … Khaled is still on a health program to lose more …
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4 benefits of weight lifting according to a champion bodybuilder
Presently, in most gyms you'll find an array of cardio machines that aim to promote cardiovascular health and improve people's fitness. When people want to lose weight, the majority jump on those treadmills and cross trainers in the hope they will …
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