Wanna Get Smart and Rich? Tap the Jews!

Wanna Get Smart and Rich? Tap the Jews!
One organization in China—where the stereotype that Jews are inherently smart and know how to make money is peddled as a legendary belief (I mean, the Talmud as a business guide?)—probably made a decent chunk of change in 2008-2009 … Online traces …
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LinkedIn Shares Tumble on Weak Forecast for 2016
LinkedIn is often described as a social-networking service like Facebook or Twitter, which make money primarily from digital ads. But LinkedIn has a different business model: It gets more than 60 percent of its revenue from fees that employers and …
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Making it easy to do business in Karnataka
Karnataka has decided to change its factory license laws. From now on, a license can be renewed once in 10-years instead of the earlier stipulated time of three years. Startups can register themselves online, thereby cutting off the flab of 17 Acts to …
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