Medical Myth Busting

Medical Myth Busting
That includes a combination of athleticism (not just exercise), diet and attitude work. Athleticism means setting a fitness goal, and combining exercises and play to achieve fitness. Fitness is the combination of cardiovascular endurance, stamina …
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Fitness Plan Day 39 – Give your routine a break!
Snack: A brunch means hunger pangs as early as 4 or 5 pm, and if you turn to desserts and chips at this hour it isn't going to help your muscles gain any nutrients through food so choose healthy snacks and yes there are a variety of Indian snacks that …
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Essex yoga studio encourages better health by aligning weight loss goals, exercise
Fitness has been Scott's solution to more than just losing weight. “I started my own business after my divorce. I tried to go back to the corporate world, I had been in human resources, but found that after being away from it while raising my daughters …
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Finally: A Health-and-Wellness Plan for the (Stressed, Sleep-Deprived) Modern
If you hate restrictive diet and exercise plans, but still want to make changes to get healthier and more fit, there's a new book for you: RETOX: Healthy Solutions for Real Life. Written by Lauren Imparato, an ex-Wall Streeter turned wellness expert …
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