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5 ways to make money off market volatility
Most assets are priced in relation to assets considered "risk free": U.S. Treasuries. With the yield on 10-year Treasuries at only about 2 percent, compared with 5 percent historically, investors have a low base to build on. Burt Malkiel, Princeton …
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Why Would Amazon Want To Be the New Barnes & Noble?
Amazon opened its first retail bookstore, in Seattle, only this past November, and, although book sales form the historical core of its business, it now makes the vast majority of its money off of its highly profitable Web-services division. … other …
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Facebook Learns To Make Money Where There Isn't Much
It offers free data access to Facebook, Messenger, Wikipedia, health info, civic resources, and other websites. The app, now called Free Basics, has met resistance from net neutrality critics who see it as a way for Facebook to control what people access.
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