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Her employer, online lingerie retailer Adore Me, gamely threw her a going away party at a bar across the street — a pretty standard affair until this happened: "This enormous foam check starts coming at me through the crowd," she recalls. It was …
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According to math, it's not worth risking to play for the .5 billion
If you choose to take the entire cash prize at one time instead, you get much less money up front: The cash-payout value at the time of writing is $ 930 million. Looking at the … Powerball points out on its FAQ site that in the case of the annuity …

Rail delay payout arrangements 'should be standardised'
Compensation arrangements for delayed train journeys should be standardised across the entire network to make it easier to claim, according to passenger groups. They have highlighted the difference between operators on when travellers are entitled to a …
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