Morale Remains Low Around Health and Fitness App Security News]

Morale Remains Low Around Health and Fitness App Security
It seems little has changed over the last several years when it comes to how health and fitness apps go about securing user information. According to a survey carried out by the firm Arxan last fall, 86 percent of health apps it reviewed at had at …
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Here's why migraine worsens in women approaching menopause
Changes in female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that occur during the perimenopause might trigger increased headaches during this time. (Shutterstock). Share. Share. Share. Share. Migraine headaches heat up as women approach …
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Custom-fitting 3D printed Phits Insoles win ISPO Health and Fitness Award
Belgian company Phits Insoles has just been honored with the first prize in the Health and Fitness-themed competition of sporting goods giant ISPO for their 3D printed, custom fitting 3D printed insoles. This could again bring 3D printed sporting goods …
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