Will $99 fares to Europe become the new normal?

Will fares to Europe become the new normal?
“No one makes money charging $ 99 trans-Atlantic fares, but it's a great way to advertise as well as fill seats that would otherwise almost certainly go empty,” he says. “The vast majority of offseason trans-Atlantic seats on carriers like WOW will go …
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The White House's Genius Plan to Treat the State of the Union Like Rap Lyrics
But Genius hasn't firmed up how it plans to make money off either its website or its distributed annotation service. Lehman's plan, for now, is to find as many publications as he can that are willing to use Genius as a way to annotate their sites. It's …
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Meet your online doppelgänger: On the Internet, nobody knows you're not really
If you need money, you should have just asked.” “Mom, what are you talking about?” he replied distractedly … The game of meeting your Internet doppelgänger has become its own thing, ranging from social media experiments to feel-good stories about …
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