School-owned WHRO benefits Hampton Roads students, teachers News]

School-owned WHRO benefits Hampton Roads students, teachers
"I believe, I think it's fair to say, that we're the best example of regional cooperation there is, to be able to bring 19 school divisions together — big, small, rural, urban, rich, poor, the whole diversity of schools — and have them pretty much …
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Microsoft's Turner on new products and riding the cloud wave
But we began talking about terrorism after the attack in San Bernardino and how one of the alleged shooters in the attack had been pledging her love for jihad online for years without ever being noticed. Our interview follows, edited for clarity and …
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Netflix vs. Amazon in 2015: A tale of two video-streaming giants
Over at Netflix, the company brought Leonardo DiCaprio on board in a multiyear deal to make a new documentary series, while rumors emerged that it was planning to create a new live-action adaptation of the classic Nintendo game, the Legend of Zelda …
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