Caffeine in Pregnancy May Not Harm Baby's IQ News]

Caffeine in Pregnancy May Not Harm Baby's IQ
The research included nearly 2,200 women in the United States whose caffeine intake was measured during pregnancy. The pregnancies occurred between 1959 and 1974, a period of time when coffee consumption during pregnancy was more common, …
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Summer Babies May Be Healthier Adults
The researchers suggest greater sun exposure during the second trimester of pregnancy, which increases an unborn baby's exposure to vitamin D, could play a role in their findings. "We don't know the mechanisms that cause these season of birth patterns …
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Study Sees No Link Between Antibiotics in Ear…
FRIDAY, Oct. 30, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A new Canadian study did not find any association between two common types of antibiotics taken during pregnancy and a higher risk of adverse effects to the baby. Four out of 10 pregnant women are prescribed …
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