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9 steps to make you completely anonymous online
You can try to use online money transfer services such as PayPal, but most have records that can be stolen or subpoenaed. Better, use an e-currency such as bitcoin or one of its competitors. You'll need a bank or service to convert your real money into …
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Ecuador's new virtual currency is a source of pride, worry
Not everyone believes that the president is unwilling to make the leap. Simon Pachano, a political analyst with the Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences in Quito, worries that the virtual money may be Correa's stealth route back to a national …
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Inside the Fight Over Bitcoin's Future
The publication of Bitcoin XT threw the Bitcoin forums into turmoil, with partisans duking it out in what has amounted to an old-fashioned flame war. Some of the public debate was constructive, though. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY KAREN BLEIER / AFP / GETTY.
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