Indian Women: No Friends Online

Indian Women: No Friends Online
A rapidly increasing number of women use the Internet for a host of reasons—blogging, supporting communities, and running stores or corporations. In short, it's how they make a living. An increasing number of women in India are being subject to …
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A Look Into a More Social Virtual Reality With the Makers of Second Life
“Social will be HUGE in virtual reality,” opens Altberg in our chat, “people will be able to be anyone, be anywhere, and make money doing it,” he says, likely alluding to the annual $ 60 million USD users and businesses are already making building out …
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Rising Prescription Drug Costs: New Tool Lets You Explore What's Happening in
You've probably heard about – or seen on your drug store receipt – evidence of the rising cost of prescription drugs. Nationwide, spending on drugs increased 12 percent in 2014, higher than in any year since 2002. Sometimes, this is linked to a …
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What Are Your eBay Confessions?
How many online sellers make similar justifications as part of their online selling practices? Have you ever tried to take shortcuts in building your feedback or exaggerated the quality of the products you sell? Many sellers have likely been tempted to …
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