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ONLINE EVANGELIST: Yes, you can make good money online
Well, just like offline, there are many ways to make money in business online. You could sell advertising on your website – be it display ads or affiliate ads whereby you make a commission on each item sold as a result of traffic generated via your …
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WIC: People illegally sell food items online
She said she can't believe a parent could be using the system to make money, risking the health of a child at the same time. "There are people out there that need it, and obviously if the child is not getting what it is supposed to, then why even do it …
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Bamako's 'Downloaders' Guide Mali Music Scene
“Some artists still release albums, but with new technology, everything is online. The artists don't make money selling records anymore, they make money playing concerts." The Malian Federation of Musicians has struggled to fight pirating. In 2014, the …
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