Packed cities, empty villages: Vietnam's migration dilemma

Packed cities, empty villages: Vietnam's migration dilemma
Together they earn some $ 600 a month — enough to pay for rent and schooling for their two children. "Life is also not easy here in Hanoi. But we're trying to earn money for our children. I think they will have better lives than we do," he said. Some 7 …
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Top Products You Probably Never Thought of Buying Online
Like most online shoppers, however, you may think that the items you can buy through the web are limited to small items that are easy to ship. However, you might be surprised with some of the things that you can get through online … You can even save …
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How You Can Make Money off Your Poop
If you're a healthy pooper and need an easy side hustle, consider approaching nonprofit organization OpenBiome, a fecal bank that pays for poop samples. Yes, they actually give you money for the stuff you excrete into your toilet bowl every day. Don't …
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