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Virtual Reality Dating Will Streamline Romance When Someone Finally Invests
That's because VR can make intimacy happen without requiring potentially awkward or even unsafe in-person interactions, says Paul Hollywood (his real name), the founder of VR social networking site vTime, which isn't specifically for — but is …
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Bob and Joy Schwabach: 3D printers create exasperation and more plastic
The dirty little secret of 3D printing is that the best stuff you can make, at least in the beginning, is the stuff that comes preloaded on the printer, which isn't very creative. … Saving Money Online. Many stores tell you that if you find a lower …
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You'll Never Guess What Marijuana Is Being Blamed for Now
As reported last week by online publication Quartz, the marijuana industry within the United States is growing rapidly, and so are its electricity needs. Since most marijuana is grown in indoor greenhouses where climates can be intricately controlled …
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