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7 Fitness Trends to Try in 2016
“Fitbit believes that tracking activity level, sleep, and nutrition can have a positive impact on health and well-being, which may also benefit those living with chronic diseases.” Adds Amy Nouri, media relations for Garmin International: “Studies have …

A Thought on the Holidays…
How To 'Get Through' The Holidays! Make It Through The Next Two Months Without Gaining Weight! How To Stop The Holidays From Sabotaging Your Diet! Stay On Track This Holiday Season with These Easy Tips! Stave Off Holiday Weight Gain With Ease!
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I Spent 7 Days Eating and Exercising Like a Victoria's Secret Angel
I eat healthy enough. (I mean, I'm an editor at Health; this is my life.) But I quickly learned that my “enough” wasn't even close to the “enough” that's required when your job is to strut nearly naked in front of a star-studded crowd at New York City …

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