Why a 'healthy' diet may not work for you

Why a 'healthy' diet may not work for you
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 06: British Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver gestures towards a table full of healthy food as he prepares to announce a partnership to attack state-wide obesity on March 6, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. … Some people follow a …
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Super Healthy Eating and Quick Fitness Tips
Celebrities that I am working with are mostly transitioning to a completely plant-based diet for health, fitness and athletic performance reasons. My thrive journey to help others choose purpose-driven, clean, plant-based foods has really gained …
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Walking book club provides spine for library's fitness program
Fact: Fresh, whole foods aren't more expensive and a healthy meal can be prepared in the time it takes you to drive to a fast-food restaurant, wait in line for your food and drive back home. As soon as you buy fresh fruits and veggies, wash them …
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