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Price of Price Optimization in Insurance
The exact number or identity of insurers using price optimization is unclear; however, nearly half (45 percent) of large insurance companies and 26 percent of all insurance companies in North America currently optimize prices, according to a 2013 …
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Bill Clinton to COP21: Make sure you have more winners than losers
Clinton explained that doing the right thing almost always costs the same or less than staying where you are, but what the leaders gathered at COP21 have to do is figure out how to make money in this transition. “Restructure the … “We started using …
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Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Bold Plan For The Future Of Facebook
When he emerges a few minutes later, unspecified stuff presumably fixed, we sit down on adjacent couches in a fishbowl conference room near his desk in Building 20, and Zuckerberg makes it clear that those days are gone. "If we're trying to build a …
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The Future of Venmo
And therein, of course, lies the challenge of every freemium product or service: How is it going to make money? According to Business Insider, Venmo has a … This in-store push could be successful given that Venmo has reached critical mass, and that …
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