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Michigan Races Honor Mexican Culture and Lost Loved Ones
Cantu said the race is great for the local Hispanic community, providing a way to mix healthy lifestyle pursuits with a cultural celebration. For Cantu and his family, focusing on good health and changing habits has been a new way of life. Cantu lost …
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Mickey Mehta's tips for healthy weight gain
Being underweight can have an adverse impact on your health – low immune response, lack of energy and stamina, nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis and weak bones and menstrual dysfunction in women, loss of sleep, irritability. Underweight people are …
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Mash Up of Tech, Games and Rewards Turns Workplace Fitness Into Fun
A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 36 percent of firms with more than 200 workers, and 18 percent of firms over all, use financial incentives to prompt health objectives like weight loss and smoking cessation. In 2014, Delos Living …
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How the South Beach Diet Changed My Life
It doesn't feel like some sort of health-food penance to eat whole-wheat bread. It's high in fiber and should … In many ways, the South Beach Diet with its focus on healthy fats was a more wholesome redo of the no-carb Atkins Diet. It was also a …
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