Hawaii goes nuts after nuts News]

Hawaii goes nuts after nuts
When the first humans arrived in Hawaii, edible nutritional kernels or nuts were hard to find. About the only native nut was the mahoe, or Alectron … They are rich in plant and animal life and are populated by many interesting indigenous people with …
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Talk Story: Koa Kahili
Then I started realizing that there's hundreds of tree scattered around the island and the pods were just rotting. Like the jackfruit — no one knows that you can use the seeds; you can roast them like a chestnut or cook them like a potato. So here's …
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Plants, precious metals, polymers and pests
The physics of life was an emerging science when Farquhar was a student in the late 1960s. “I was a natural fit,” he … The result – the wheat variety “Drysdale” – won them the 2014 Rank prize for excellence in nutrition. Farquhar's next endeavour is …
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