Making a habit of eating for good health News]

Making a habit of eating for good health
People ask me all the time what kinds of foods they should eat and how many nutritional substances they should take daily. What I tell them is that most people — though there are exceptions — do not need a whole list of supplements if they eat right …
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Patients Learn Benefits of Good Nutrition in DC-Area Program
The patients learn about the nutritional value of the different fruits and vegetables available each season, and why they should eat more fresh produce instead of processed and canned foods. And they have a chance to spend time talking to health care …
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Baylor Dedicates Beauchamp Athletics Nutrition Center
Conveniently located near the Jay and Jenny Allison Indoor Football Practice Facility and the Simpson Strength and Conditioning area amid the Highers Athletics Complex, the Beauchamp Athletics Nutrition Center directly supports the vital role that …
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Benefits of child-spacing
It is, therefore, important to space children by at least two years to ensure a child gets proper nutrition. Once the mother becomes pregnant again before the child is two-years-old, she can no longer breastfeed this child, thus increasing his chances …
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