Money Matters: Common 401(k) myths News]

Money Matters: Common 401(k) myths
This alerts the IRS to the fact that you made a nondeductible contribution to the IRA so that the nondeductible contribution is not taxed again when the funds are withdrawn. Be sure to keep track of the nondeductible amounts. I work two jobs, both with …
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More cracks are showing up in America's economy
American consumer make up the majority of economic growth in the United States and it doesn't help if they don't show up. The U.S. economy grew 3.9% between April and June. But most forecasts for economic growth between July and September are …
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Why home buying was a bust for many African Americans even during the boom
The researchers acknowledged that home equity remains the biggest source of wealth for most Americans. But their findings illustrate why home buyers have to be very careful about what neighborhoods they buy into if they hope to make money from their …
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