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Doctors look for new ways to cope with health care changes
"There are too many hands in the cookie jar, where insurance is making money and pharmaceuticals are making money, and they all want the money," said Moorestown, New Jersey, physician Steven Horvitz. "The small players, who are the patients and …
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Banks dangle carrots to get you to switch current accounts
But despite these tempting offers, and the introduction of the free-to-use “current account switch service”, several surveys have indicated that more than half of all customers have been with the same bank for more than 10 years. “Many of us are loyal …
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Colombia, Plastic Surgery and Prostitutes
“I feel more confident now, and when I have confidence I make more money,” explains Jenoba, who says the money will help her eventually move to another line of work. It might not be the first place you'd … Nearly 50 million people indulge in medical …
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