Forget Calories, Monitor Nutrition for Heart Health

Forget Calories, Monitor Nutrition for Heart Health
And the Action for Health in Diabetes trial shows that a low calorie diet on top of increased physical activity in patients with type 2 diabetes was not associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular death despite significant weight loss and a …
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'Caveman diet' for diabetics
Manama: A study has revealed that adopting a “caveman diet” could reduce the chances of getting diabetes and even reverse the symptoms in some patients. It was conducted by a four-member research team, including two from the Bahrain branch of The …
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FDA's revised serving sizes on nutrition labels might backfire as endorsement
Nutrition and public health experts are buzzing about the labels, which are expected to show a more realistic one cup as a serving size for ice cream and 20 ounces or so of pop instead of eight ounces. On the surface, it's a great move. (Who wants to …
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