100 Wonderful Ways To Live To 100

100 Wonderful Ways To Live To 100
Here's a reason to get cooking: A 2012 study published in Public Health Nutrition found that people who cook at home up to five times a week were 47 percent more likely to still be alive after a decade, HuffPost previously reported. The researchers …
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Healthy Investing Could Make You Wealthy
For investors, there are huge opportunities investing in health and fitness companies, here are three ways that focusing on being healthy could make you wealthy: Food: Eating organic and natural foods isn't just a fad. It's fast becoming the norm …
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SoulCycle Joins Planet Fitness in Rush to Tap Health Craze
That has translated into strong revenue growth and profits for some specialized fitness and health-related companies. Yet other conventional … with more quality.” Half of Americans said they were willing to pay a premium for healthy food, according …
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