6 Ways to Dial Up Social Media to Advance Your Career

6 Ways to Dial Up Social Media to Advance Your Career
“Being visible in social media provides 'social proof' that you are up to date,” says Susan P. Joyce, an online-job-search expert. It allows you to demonstrate “what you know and, to some degree, who you know,” she adds. If you're still treading …
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Startup Insider: Shopline CEO Raymond Yip – Helping Merchants Go Online In Asia
The team would pack their bags and spend the next 4 months in San Francisco, learning from the best. Raymond … Raymond shared, "From very early on, we make a lot of money already and we're building a real business here; Investors like this. Merchants …
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Car insurers don't care if you drive well; tips on saving
Getting the best car insurance rates isn't as simple as keeping your record clean, according to a recent report that says what you pay may have more to do with how well you pay your bills than how well you drive. After analyzing … "If you can get …
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