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Harley Pasternak: The Latest 'Moos' About Milk
Almond milk. This beverage has a mere 30 calories per 8-oz. glass, but it does contain significantly less protein than “milk-milk” or soymilk. It's also is slightly higher in saturated fat than nonfat milk. The consistency is thinner than milk, making …
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6 Health Benefits of Tomatoes
Your body loves the immense health benefits of tomatoes—even if the only way you're enjoying them is in a hearty tomato sauce or refreshing juice. Tomatoes help keep your heart healthy and prevent cancer. “A world without tomatoes is like a string …

Almond milk
It has been noted that consumers purchase almond milk as a substitute for cow's milk as it exhibits a realistic look and flow of cow's milk. Commercial almond milk does have added nutrients like calcium and vitamins A and D to increase its nutritional …
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