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Taco Bell cuts sodium in ongoing effort
The move is part of an ongoing effort that began in 2008 to reduce the amount of salt, fat and calories found in Taco Bell menu items, along with sister brands KFC and Pizza Hut, which are all operated and franchised by Louisville, Ky.-based Yum …
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Unhealthy fast food breakfasts guaranteed to blow your diet
But in this quest to capture the market, they apparently have forgotten about one thing: nutrition. Fast-Food breakfasts make sense for a number of reasons. First and most importantly, they're convenient. Many are hand-held, and can be quickly picked …
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Cost of attendance stipends could 'make things a lot easier' for players. Now
We can't just go on campus and eat at Chick-fil-A or at the on-campus Taco Bell. We need a certain nutrition plan. We need tutors to keep us on track because we have such a hectic schedule. The NCAA catches a lot of heat for not doing enough, not …
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