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Sidharth Malhotra: Bollywood's next big thing?
Sidharth Malhotra is keeping his mom worried these days. And the reason behind it is his health. The actor is not sick, but the frequency and speed with which he is gaining and losing weight is becoming a cause of concern, the report stated. Sid gained …
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Some Dirty Truths About Juice Cleansing
If you are looking to lose weight successfully and for the long-term it is important to speak to a registered dietitian who understands the consequences of rapid weight loss and can help you figure out a healthy weight loss solution. Juicing is not the …
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The fortysomething fitness guide: a workout to beat the forces of ageing
Received knowledge has it that we lose muscle, our metabolism slows, and we generally embrace a slippery slope that leads to eventual death as soon as the clock strikes midnight on our 30th birthday. I disagree with most of … These extreme cases …

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