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Can Apple's developer army secure America's mobile economy?
So what Cook said as he accepted a Champions of Freedom award from EPIC, a privacy watchdog group, is of notable importance to Apple investors. It's a direct message from the CEO saying the company isn't going to pursue the online advertising market.
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Game Plan: Underwear, Apple devices, fitness gear discounted in June
Calculate it: Before you begin a cross-country drive this summer, check out the projected fuel cost with an online tool from AAA. The “Fuel Cost Calculator” asks you to enter your starting point and destination, and your car's make, model and year. For …
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Job market in Berks County is improving
"Business is definitely picking up," said April McConnell, an assistant human resources manager for Berks-based CJ's Tire and Automotive Services. McConnell has about 30 openings to fill, ranging from $ 9-an-hour jobs to salaried manager and technical …
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Help Wanted: Many businesses looking for seasonal help
"Many of these students come there to earn extra money for school or their families," Dave Detert said. "Some take on two or three jobs, because finding places to work are more available overseas than in their home countries." Detert said that some of …
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