Diet Detective: Nutrition/fitness guru Samantha Heller

Diet Detective: Nutrition/fitness guru Samantha Heller
Samantha Heller is a powerhouse, a rock star of nutrition. Just tune into her radio show, "Health and Nutrition," on SiriusXM's DOCTOR Radio, which airs live every Friday from 12-2 p.m. ET. Samantha hold a rare dual Master of Science degree in …
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Nutritional Concerns About a Plant-Based Diet: The Myths and Realities
People with a passive knowledge of nutrition always seem to doubt. But, where do you get your protein? What about iron? Amino acids? Sometimes, it's simply, what do you eat? The irony is that a healthy vegan eater who is mindful of a balanced diet will …
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Diet and nutrition is more complex than a simple sugar
But while the results can tell scientists something about how the body responds to glucose and fructose, they have very little to say about the apples in your diet. Fructose and glucose are both monosaccharides, the most basic unit of a carbohydrate …
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