I5 ways to find time and feel better

I5 ways to find time and feel better
6 Exercise for energy: Much of our energy – while also influenced by diet, lifestyle and fitness levels – relies heavily on brain function. Exercise plays a huge role in this, from stabilising your mood and organising your thoughts to destressing and …
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Do You Bite Your Nails? You Might Be a Perfectionist
WEDNESDAY, March 11, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Boredom, frustration and impatience can trigger chronic skin-picking, nail-biting, hair-pulling and other repetitive behaviors in some people, a new study suggests. The University of Montreal researchers …
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Smashed Sweet Potato Guacamole Bites Recipe
These smashed sweet potato guacamole bites have crispy sides with soft centers. Topped with a crispy piece of salty bacon, they're the perfect bite. Share This Link Copy. To learn more about this recipe, check out Gina's blog! Smashed Sweet Potato …
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