Real Estate Rocket Fuel: Internet Marketing for Real Estate for the 21st Century and Beyond

Real Estate Rocket Fuel: Internet Marketing for Real Estate for the 21st Century and Beyond

Real Estate Rocket Fuel: Internet Marketing for Real Estate for the 21st Century and Beyond

I have been in the real estate business for 23 years AND have been marketing products online, including real estate, since 1992 – BEFORE there was even an “internet” as we know it today. For the first time ever… Here’s the “back story” behind 312 real estate agents who learned the Free Internet strategies that immediately boosted their incomes by over 100%….even in THIS market Now – and I’m going to be brutally honest with you – there are literally thousands of so called “internet marketing” companies out there whose sole goal is to TAKE YOUR MONEY. All of them offer websites and different methods and they all promise to generate customers and leads for you. I know you’ve been called, emailed, harassed, and begged to buy this junk. I have too and I am sick of it. Here’s what you will discover: * How to set up your own free Blog * How to use a simple tool to get to the first page of Google * How to get EVERY listing you have on Google’s first page * How to “capture leads” online – FREE * How to add video and virtual tours to your Blog * How to get traffic to your pages from your local MLS – without violating IDX rules * How to get FREE traffic from * How to Dominate and Own Google’s first page for ANY listing * How to use “Social Media” * How to get FREE traffic from Facebook * How to turn traffic into real leads, and then turn them into customers * How to TARGET Twitter users and only “follow” homebuyers and sellers * How to set up Multiple FREE Traffic funnels that send traffic to YOUR pages * How to create an “irresistable offer” so people want your advice * and lots more…. And that’s not all – you see – this is a COMPLETE system…. * How to EXACTLY measure the effectiveness of an ad, a sign, or even a webpage to see if it is getting results * How to set up an AUTOMATIC follow-up system * How to turn a first name and e-mail address into a real live buying customer * How to broadcast your video to 12 video distribution sites with one click! * How to “control” social bookmarking sites * How to create multiple “links” to your site with just one click You will learn free marketing strategies, how to set up free traffic funnels, and how to capture your own leads for free. Agents began leaving the business in 2008 due to the so-called “market downturn”. Why? They had NOT CHANGED their marketing as the consumers changed their behavior. The few agents who had at least some internet presence continued to get leads and business. Those that had always relied upon print advertising saw that their business was going down so what did they do? Spent MORE money on ads. It took me about 9 months of researching, writing, and experimenting and I developed two 3 hour training classes on “How to Use Free Internet Tools to Generate Traffic and Leads”. I even sent the two classes to our State Real Estate Commission and they were APPROVED as CE classes (imagine a course on how to make more money being approved!). I started offering them as CE classes – and guess what happened? The Agents That took the classes and USED the techniques began to get ONLINE leads and Business. The local Board Scheduled a full day for me to teach these 2 classes on March 4th, 2009. The Course Sold out a FULL WEEK before it was scheduled to take place That had NEVER happened before I called a professional film production crew and scheduled for them to be there. It was a tense and exciting day – and the agents that attended absolutely gobbled up the information. And That’s how the “Real Estate Rocket Fuel” Training Course was born

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